You'll find WebMeGo to be one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to create and maintain your own web site. We've used those other systems and software packages. Then we spent two years developing and testing the WebMeGO system with people having average computer skills.


Text formatting follows the options you already use in other programs like MS Word– no new learning required
Photos automatically resize when uploaded - no need to adjust them in other programs
Pages are preformatted by the type of page you need to give you the elements you are most likely to use – they are ready to use
Every preformatted page can have elements added or subtracted as you wish – every page is easily customizable
The Management System is usable by anyone – no programming knowledge is required


Even the most efficient and reputable website designers these days won't touch a website project for under $5000.00. Outsourced solutions have their own inherent problems and many complain about quality and warranty of service. And the person who "builds websites" as a side business still has a daytime job and may not be able to ensure reliable service if they are not offering you the WebMeGO system.

WebMeGO is your answer. WebMeGO puts everything you need to get online in a simple package with an honest price and package.

  • Easy registration of you .com or pointing your already owned .com to your new WebMeGO website
  • Reliable hosting, professional e-mail by Google
  • Site traffic reports built in with support for Google Analytics
  • Super intuitive website builder and management tools
  • Spell checker
  • Search Engine Optimization tools and checkers
  • and excellent U.S.A based customer support

WebMeGO plans include all of these services that other companies charge extra for and our Start-up fee includes many costs that other system charge extra for:

WebMeGO Other systems
Domain Name Registration included $8 - $35 annually
Search Engine Optimization included $100-$300 or more monthly
Content Management System or software included $50 - $1,000 annually
Extra e-mails included $1-$10 monthly
Site traffic reports included Site traffic reports
Total Extra Cost none $1270-$5,000 or more

A business might spend $5,000 or more annually to get all the features that WebMeGO offers for under $500. For small- and medium-sized businesses, that's a huge savings. And that doesn't include the cost of your time to learn new systems or software.

We believe in honest pricing. We have one price that includes everything you need to get your website online. We aren't telling you a super attractive price that only seems to increase as you go through the setup process. We aren't luring you in with a free domain name to hit you with a renewal cost you weren't aware of. And we aren't offering you a low price to turn around and offer you slow service from over-loaded servers.

Clear pricing – No hidden costs – Professional service and reliability – Developed and supported in the U.S.A.